Learning about rare diseases

Learning about rare diseases

We re learning about rare diseases – 29 days in February, for 29 rare diseases

Let’s find out about some of the challenges and problems that rare diseases bring with them. How to people get diagnosis? Is there a treatment? Is there access to emdicines?

Just click on the links bellow and you can read about different diseases in albanian and macedonian language.

The project is supported by:

About the project:

This project is started by Super Radio, Gordana Loleska and LIFE WITHCHALLENGES.

The first rare disease day was marked in 2008. In the Republic of North Macedonia the first event was in 2012 in organization of LIFE WITH CHALLENGES and supported by the University Children Clinic in Skopje.

Also all information on rare diseases is being uploaded on Wikipedia from the volunteers in Wiki Club Ohrid – Information on Wiki Club Ohrid, so if you write rare diseases in the Macedonian language you will get a lot of information on different rare diseases. This is helpful to spread the information on rare disease in the public and to make the information more accessible and available to families with rare diseases and medical professionals.

Join us in raising awareness about rare diseases!

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