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HAE World Day

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100 participants in Skopje Marathon were running for rare diseases

Running for better life – the team won the first place on 5km in the category – group women 

„Life With Challenges“, „HAE Macedonia“ and „HEMOLOGГ“, as a group entered the Skopje Marathon in the race of 5km and 21 km under the group motto – Running for better life. 100 participants were running for rare diseases. 


In this group there were also parents and patients with a hope that one day they will run together with their children.  They were happy that 100 participants are supporting them. When you have support you know that you are not alone and that you can accomplish much more. We are happy that 100 people were running for our cause. We said thank you a million times and we will say it a million more. Support means a lot.

In Macedonia there are over 15 different rare diseases and over 200 patients. For some of these diseases there is no treatment. Patients without treatment have shortened life span, and physical and psychical disabilities, which makes them a burden to society. With treatment, these patients can lead a normal life and contribute in the growth and development of their country.

For the patients with hemophilia today in Macedonia there is an appropriate treatment. HEMOLOG joined our cause in order to support us, knowing how difficult it is to provide appropriate and efficient treatment for patients, especially for rare diseases.


The campaign for raising public awareness was supported by Herbalife  (http://www.herbalife.mk/), who participated in the organization of the group Running for better life in the Skopje Marathon.

As supporters joined the Association for Physiotherapy of R. Macedonia  (www.fizioterapevt.org.mk), and the Medical High School from Shtip with the support of the municipality of Shtip.

The participation in the Skopje Marathon is a part of our campaign for raising public awareness for rare diseases in Macedonia and  about how with treatment patients can have a normal life.

The campaign for raising public awareness for rare diseases in Macedonia – Life is a puzzle, let’s collect it together!, as a part of the project – Do not cry fight for your rights,  is supported by:

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Information about the association:

web page: http://challenges.mk/

facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LifeWithChallengesi

facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312483895490987/


Vesna Stojmirova,

President of „Life With Challenges“

zivotsopredizvici@gmail.com, +389 70 705 446


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