We are running for a better life!

We are running for a better life!

Life With Challenges,  HAE Macedonia & HEMOLOG


Association of citizens for rare diseases “Life With Challenges“ together with the association for Hereditary Angioedema – HAE Macedonia and the association for hemophilia HEMOLOG , will join the Skopje Marathon with a group running under the motto Running for a better life.

Link to Skopje Marathon page – http://www.skopskimaraton.com.mk/index.html

Link for participation in the marathon – http://www.skopskimaraton.com.mk/prijavaonline.html

Note: If you are applying to participate in our group for rare diseases, in the part where it says GROUP, please write TRCAME ZA PODOBAR ZIVOT, that is the name of the group running to raise public awareness about rare diseases.

Also please write to us so we know that you are running in our group and you’ll get a t-shirt with our motto.  (zivotsopredizvici@gmail.com)

Link of the map for the race of 5 km – http://www.skopskimaraton.com.mk/images/mapa2011.jpg

In Macedonia there are 15 different rare diseases and over 200 patients who live with rare disease. For some of these diseases there is a treatment and for some research is in progress.

Everyone who wants to support us as a participant or sponsor is welcome.

Let’s raise public awareness about rare diseases in Macedonia together!

The campaign for raising public awareness is also supported by Herbalife, who joined our group Running for better life.

Campaign for raising public awareness about rare disease – Life is a puzzle let’s collect it together!

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Information about the association:

Web page: http://challenges.mk/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/LifeWithChallengesi

Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/312483895490987/


Vesna Stojmirova,

President of Life With Challenges

zivotsopredizvici@gmail.com, +389 70 705 46

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