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International Gaucher Day 2023

This year International Gaucher Day was marked with a focus on diagnosis. We are sharing stories from all over the world and the video on diagnosis.



Balkan regional meeting of Gaucher associations

Dear members and supporters,

From 5th to 7th of April, in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, there will be a Gaucher meeting organized by the Balkan Associations from Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

The goal of the meeting is for patients, parents, doctors and nurses to talk together about life with Gaucher and how to improve quality of life in the future.

At the same time, this is a first meeting of patients with lysosomal diseases at Balkan region level.

The interactive program is on the following subjects:
– Mutual understanding and support

– Exchange of opinions and experience

– Questions and discussion about life with Gaucher

The meeting will be in hotel Europa in the center of Sarajevo and as official language we chose Serbian-Croatian with a goal to understand each other easier and better and to establish and maintain contact with each other.

This meeting is organized from the following patient organizations:
Association of patients for rare diseases from Bosnia and Herzegovina  – http://www.rijetkebolesti.ba
Association of citizens for rare diseases “Life With Challenges” – R. Macedonia– http://challenges.think.mk/
Association of citizens for help of patients with Gaucher  Serbia  – http://www.gose-srbija.rs
Association of patients with Gaucher – Slovenia  – www.gaucher-drustvo.si

Logistic and financial support for organization of the patient meeting is provided by:
Genzyme (Sanofi Company)
Association XY – www.xy.com.ba/bih

Vesna Aleksovska
President of Association of citizens for rare diseases “Life With Challenges”


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