HAE World Day, 2013

HAE World Day, 2013


The association of citizens HAE Macedonia organized a concert at the city park to mark the HAE world day on 18th of May. At the concert there were a lot of performers as: Zlata Meglenska, Natalija Slaveva, Angelina Stojanovska, Igor Uzunov, Anja Veterova, EUREKA, Sara Markoska, Nade Talevska, Bojana Atanasovska, Aleksandar Belov, Kulturno Umetnicki Rabotnici, Andrej Anchevski. 

In a pleasant, relaxed and war atmosphere the voice of patients was heard and they appealed that is time for Macedonia to make a step forward towards provision of therapy and treatment for the patients.

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Students from the Medical Faculty, members of EMSA and activists from MOF volunteered at the event and they shared leaflets with information about HAE as a  rare disease.


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