Rare disease day 2020

Rare disease day 2020

The association of citizens LIFE WITH CHALLENGES in cooperation with the members, supporters, and volunteers, has successfully marked rare disease day, 2020 in the Republic of North Macedonia with a lot of different activities.

In Skopje

The Macedonian Medical Association made a survey between the students about their knowledge of rare diseases. Results will follow on another event with lectures in April or May 2020.

Students from Gjorgjija Pulevski, Aerodrom Skopje with the teacher Maja Georgieva Pavlovski, marked a rare disease day asking themselves why is February rare disease day and how can we support patients with rare diseases?

In Bitola:

Together with HEPAR center from Bitola and the gymnasium Josip Broz Tito, we had a meeting with the mayor of Bitola, Natasha Petrovska. We talked about the activities we had so far and about the stigma regarding rare diseases.

The mayor said that it would be good to make a list or a register of rare disease families in the city of Bitola so that the city can offer more services and support for rare diseases. She stated that Bitola will always be here to support the activities of the patient associations and to offer help for the families.

At the end of the meeting Ms Petrovka also put her hand impression on the poster from the students supporting the motto – One colored hand for supporting patients with rare diseases all around the world.

The gymnasium Josip Broz Tito, with the leadership of the psychologist Lidija Spoa, Hepar center, and Life with challenges, organized an event to mark RDD. A patient with the rare disease Morphea- Stefan Vaasikj, told his story in front of the other students in his school. He is a freat student and a vice president of the Youth active. The voice of rare diseases needs to be strong and loud.

Students from the school Todor Angelevski Bitola got involved in support for rare diseases. Their teacher Dragana Sherdenkov shared information with them about what Rare disease are and why we need to support these families.

“Rêver seul ne reste qu’un rêve, rêver ensemble devient la réalité”.
“Siamo tanti, siamo forti, siamo rari”.
Under the motto If you dream alone, it will stay a dream and if we dream together we can make it a reality, the students who learn Italian and French, in the school Kliment Ohridski, Bitola, lead by the teacher Maja Milevska – Kulevska, organized activities for RDD. Their message was – There are medicines for only 5% of rare diseases, support families who face life with challenges.

The T-shirts in the picture below are made especially for RDD. We are thankful for the support of the school Taki DAskalo, and the teachers Zhivka Tanusheva Icanoska and Anita Stefanovska. Everyone can contribute to raising awareness on rare disease

#RareDiseaseDay #reframerare #rareisstrong #rarebutnotalone

In Ohrid

Support from the club for underwater activities

Support from Rotari Club and Interact Club in Ohrid, in hotel Su.

The school Kocho Racin from Ohrid supported RDD. They had a video presentation on rare diseases and some activities for raising awareness and showing support.

The student assembly at the Economic faculty in Ohrid also participated in RDD activities. The students were sharing information on rare diseases and they encouraged people to talk about rare diseases.

The students from the school Kliment Ohridski Ohrid also participated in activities for RDD.

Studio za tanc “BAH” – Dancing Studio Bah, from Ohrid, this year participated actively in RDD.

The youth club of Red cross Ohrid Клуб на Млади на ОО Црвен крст – Охрид a year after year supports RDD and a lot of other activities during the year.

Tatjana Uzunoska Treneska is with FA Biseri Ohrid and 2 others at НУ Центар за култура “Григор Прличев” – Охрид. Supporting RDD.

ОУ „Дебрца“ participated in activities for RDD.

Why stand aside when we can get involved and share positive energy and acceptance. Learning about rare diseases in the school Grigor Prlichev in Ohrid.

Employees in Health home Ohrid supporting RDD.

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